The Wrong Case por James Crumley

The Wrong Case por James Crumley

Titulo del libro: The Wrong Case

Autor: James Crumley

Número de páginas: 286 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 7, 2016

Editor: Transworld Digital

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James Crumley con The Wrong Case

Milo Milodragovitch is a once-successful divorce lawyer, who now prefers to spend his days drinking and staring out the window. That all changes when Helen Duffy walks into his office and asks him to find her missing brother.

Though it's not his usual line of work, Milo agrees to help - he needs the money, and he wants to spend more time with this beautiful woman. But this is far from a routine case, and whispers of a long-past crime haunt Milo's every move . . .

'As sweetly profane a poet as American noir could have asked for' Ian Rankin

'Like James Ellroy, he is a master of American vernacular, turning tough-guy slang into something like poetry' Independent