The Greek Village Colouring Book por Sara Alexi

The Greek Village Colouring Book por Sara Alexi

Titulo del libro: The Greek Village Colouring Book

Autor: Sara Alexi

ISBN: 1539365026

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Sara Alexi con The Greek Village Colouring Book

Take a breath…

Wow, life is so hectic these days!

Everything seems to be keyed up to keep us permanently moving in the fast lane.

We are constantly available through our phones and social media and it can feel as if the world expects us to juggle our time and to continuously keep going no matter what.

Well, let’s take a breath and, just for a second, let’s see if we can’t do things a little differently.

The Mediterraneans have long been considered to hold the secrets of longevity and mostly we have attributed this to their diets. But having lived in Greece for many years I suspect it is more than that. I have never met a group of people more happy to just sit and be, in the present moment, and at these times they are relaxed and free of the stresses and strains of the modern world.

Some call this mindfulness - the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgment. Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key factor contributing to happiness and wellbeing.

But how easy to slip into a dream, stare without judgement at the beautiful landscapes of Italy or Greece! With this in mind, it seems clear that a therapeutic colouring book based on these images could be a great aid to relaxation and the practice of mindfulness. Researchers have acknowledged the therapeutic qualities of art for years, and recent studies suggest that art therapy, practiced in a mindful way, can significantly to decrease symptoms of physical and emotional distress. One study concluded that after only one hour of art therapy, adults of all ages ’overwhelmingly expressed comfort’ and a desire to continue with the therapy.

So I offer you The Greek Village colouring book. . Half of the images I have drawn, and the others I feel do a better job of the subject than I could do myself. I love to draw but these days all my time is taken by writing The Greek Village series - a positive, feel-good set of books set under warm skies.

Consequently I did not feel I could bring out a drawing book without slotting a few stories in between the images, just short enough to be read in one gulp and leave you smiling, or contemplating, or both.

My hope is that you become lost in the images and transported by your creations.

May time slow down and I hope you find peace within these pages.

Happy Colouring!

Sara Alexi