Dear Dinosaur: With Real Letters to Read! por Chae Strathie

Dear Dinosaur: With Real Letters to Read! por Chae Strathie

Titulo del libro: Dear Dinosaur: With Real Letters to Read!

Autor: Chae Strathie

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 6, 2017

ISBN: 0764168983

Editor: Barron's Educational Series Inc.,U.S.

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Chae Strathie con Dear Dinosaur: With Real Letters to Read!

Get ready for a ROARSOME time! When Max visits a local museum, he wishes he could ask the dinosaurs a bunch of questions. Since the museum is about to close, the curator (Dinosaur Dora) says, "Why don't you write our T. Rex a letter? He might even write back." And so begins a pen pal relationship unlike all others. At first, T. Rex's letters make him seem like a big, toothy tough guy who's too busy to write friendly letters to tasty little humans. But once Max and T. Rex start trading letters, they share funny jokes, silly facts, a baby tooth, rubber duckies, and more. This unlikely duo soon embark on an unusual friendship that spans the ages...and even includes very real cards and letters to open.

"In Chae Strathie's accessible text, letters, birthday cards, postcards and e-mails all give facts about the dinosaurs housed in the museum. Nicola O'Byrne's brightly colored illustrations depict Max and the T. Rex partaking in kid-friendly activities like swimming, building sandcastles and celebrating birthdays (as well as one particularly humorous illustration of the T. Rex using a typewriter). Dear Dinosaur puts an entertaining and interactive spin on a topic that is always a kid favorite."
--Shelf Awareness,

Chae Strathie's award-winning children's books include The Loon on the Moon and Jumblebum. Chae lives in a small coastal village in Fife, Scotland with his wife Corinna, daughter Eilidh, a one-eyed cat, two two-eyed cats, a goldfish (full complement of eyes also), and numerous uninvited spiders (eyes: lots).