Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans por Trevor Leggett

Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans por Trevor Leggett

Titulo del libro: Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans

Autor: Trevor Leggett

Número de páginas: 218 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 20, 2003

ISBN: 0415284651

Editor: Routledge

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Trevor Leggett con Samurai Zen: The Warrior Koans

This text gathers together 100 of the rare mystical riddles representing the core spiritual discipline of Japan's ancient Samurai tradition. Dating from the 13th-century records of Japan's Kamakura temples, they reflect the earliest manifestation of pure Zen in Japan, as created and posed by the top Zen Masters to their warrior pupils. Traditionally guarded with a reverent secrecy, the stories, puzzles and dialogues of the Koans contrast poetry with carnivalesque humour, delicacy with occasionally graphic violence, and transcendental insight with a compassionate awareness of flesh. As key preparatory tools for the Samurai, they seek to instil spiritual discernment and mental agility, with the ultimate goal of aiding independent reflection upon the universe and the achievement of self-disciplined wisdom.