Heart Seizure por Bill Fitzhugh

Heart Seizure por Bill Fitzhugh

Titulo del libro: Heart Seizure

Autor: Bill Fitzhugh

Número de páginas: 432 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 24, 2004

ISBN: 0380806363

Editor: HarperTorch

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Bill Fitzhugh con Heart Seizure

Shockingly ethical lawyer Spence Tailor loves his mama Rose.

Mama -- with her advanced cardiomyopathy and rare blood type -- is finally scheduled for a heart transplant. But AB-negative U.S. President Webster needs one also, after his ticker craps out during a photo op jogging session just three months before the national election. So the White House chief of staff has ordered the FBI to appropriate Rose's designated heart in the name of democracy. Spence, however, isn't going to let anybody steal what rightfully belongs to his mom. With the help of his reluctant older brother, he's taking to the road in a '65 Mustang -- with a hijacked organ in a cooler, a beautiful cardiac surgery resident by his side . . . and with almost all the president's men in potentially murderous pursuit.